Zong Super Card Load Offer Complete Information

Zong Super Card Load Offer Complete Information

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Zong Super Card: Hey Everyone !!! Are you a Zong User? If you are then You must be looking for Perfect Zong super Card Offer or Super Load offer for Monthly?

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Few days ago, I’ve posted about Mobilink Super Card offer now i will give you information regarding Zong Super Card/load offer. Many Telecommunication companies offers super card, mostly all companies. They will give plenty of minutes, SMS, Internet MBs in one offer which is for whole month. Customers also love these types of offers which give them brilliant experience. so Now Zong adapt the strategy of Ufone Super card and has come with Zong Super card offer.

Zong Super Card 750 is one of the best super card deal for Zong users so You can also try this one as well. You will get All Super Card Details Below.

Zong Super Card


Zong Super Card Offers:

There are two types of Zong Super card/load offer. You can get 500/month and mini super card/load at Rs. 250/month.You will receive Free SMS, MBS and Free offnet and onnet minutes from the Zong super card load offer.

Zong Super Card Offer Details:

Daily Bundle:

Daily Charges: RS.20

On-net minutes: 40
Off-net minutes: 4
Free SMS:400
Free MBs:40

Weekly Bundle:

Weekly Charges: RS.100

On-net minutes: 350
Off-net minutes: 35
Free SMS:350
Free MBs:150

Monthly Bundle:

Monthly Charges:RS.500

On-net minutes: 1500
Off-net minutes: 150
Free SMS:1500
Free MBs:1500

Monthly Mini Bundle:

Monthly Charges: RS.250

On-net minutes: 700
Off-net minutes: 70
Free SMS:700
Free MBs:700

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These are all about Zong Super Card For Monthly Offer. Hope you will like it and subscribe this offer immediately to save money and enjoy more resources than before.