How to Unblock Zong SIM PUK Code

How to Unblock Zong SIM PUK Code

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Many people are worried about their Pin (Puk) Code and want to unblock Pin (Puk) Code of the sim. Today, I will guide you how to unblock Zong sim Puk code and how to reset it perfectly. You will easily get the PUK Code of your zong locked sim with the help of this article and you can easily reset your Pin Number to make your phone work again. This problem occurs when your sim is locked.

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According to Zong, you cannot generate PUK code from any software so be aware to avoid unnecessary blocking of your Mobile sim, because your sim can be blocked or locked by incorrect PUK code attempts.

As I mentioned above, you can’t use software or you can’t also view the PUK Code through online because Zong doesn’t allow to view PUK code. through online. I’ve given two methods to generate PUK code for zong. You must use the Zong PIN number which is 0000. It’s the default PIM number. don’t try more than two times it may lead to sim unblock.

How to unblock SIM Puk Code / Pin Code:

Method 1:

From your Zong Sim, Type an SMS PUK and send it to 830. You will receive PUK Code of your sim in your mobile.

Method 2:

This method is for another Zong mobile number. Call to the customer care number 310. The correspondent of zong will ask the Printed SIM number on your sim card which contains 8 to 15 numbers. You also have to tell the SIM Card owner. They will immediately provide you the Zong PUK code.

You can use Applock and 360 security to unblock PUK Code when you are using smartphones. It’s better to use these apps on your smartphone instead of above method.