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Zong 4G Device MBB Wifi & 4G LTE Wingle Packages 2018

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We all know that zong is one of the best service providers. Zong has come up with their Zong 4g Device Wingle Package which is also called Zong 4G MBB Wifi Package. This Package is offering a great experience to their customers and It also gives the fastest internet speed. We have gathered down the complete information regarding Zong 4g MBB wifi packages. You will find all the details regarding Zong 4g device Packages.

Zong 4G Device Packages MBB Bundles:

Monthly Packages:

Package Volume Price (inclusive of tax)
24GB 1,500 RS
50GB 2,000 RS
100GB 3,800 RS
150GB 5,000 RS
200GB 6,000 RS

3 Month Package

Package Volume Price (inclusive of tax)
24GB/Month 4,000 RS

6 Month Package

Package Volume Price (inclusive of tax)
50GB/Month 12,000 RS

12 Month Package

Package Volume Price (inclusive of tax)
50GB/Month 25,000 RS

I’ve tried to include each and every package details with volume and Price.

Zong MBB Device Complete Detail:

Zong Offers two device for the 4g package which is 4G LTE wingle and 4G MBB wifi. So Here are the details of these two devices.

Zong 4G MBB Wifi

zong 4g device packages

This Zong 4G MBB wifi device cost is around 3100Rs but it can be increased.

  • You can use 10 devices at a time with this Wifi.
  • Battery time is up to 8 hours means the battery of the device is 2100.
  • Standby time is up to 40 hours.

Zong 4G LTE Wingle

zong 4g wingle

This device is not similar to the above device. It’s unique USB type device and doesn’t require battery support. This device price is around 2,000rs with no batter. You just have to plug it into your device. You can use around 10 devices.