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Zong 4G Packages Internet For Hourly, Daily, Night, Weekly and Monthly

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Zong 4g Packages: Zong has introduced Zong internet Packages for 4g with reasonable charges. If you are looking for Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, & Unlimited offers of Zong Then you are at the perfect place.

Zong has become the world wide leader in the field of the technology because of their Internet packages.  Pakistan has opened the new opportunities to the general to get them selves join this prestige company. The Chinese investors have invested a lot for the development of this company and with the endless struggle now it has the peak position in the field of telecommunications network all over the country Pakistan.

This company has announced many packages relating to the calling , sms , 4G and 4G LTE for the convenience of the customers and the future economic growth of the country. Zong is the first one to introduce the 4G LTE technology in the country of Pakistan. Offering unlimited , limited , daily , weekly and monthly packages as per the need of the customers. Zong has maintain a standard operative systems for the secure and without hurdle. It has maintain its old customers and tends to find new ones by providing well recognizes  and stay of the art services to its customers.

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Zong 4G Packages Offers & Bundle 2018:

The following are the detailed information regarding the 4G offered by the zong:

Zong 4G Packages Daily:

Zong is offering to its customers the four basic packages namely Daily mini ( 20mb ), Daily basic ( 100mb ) , Daily premium ( 200mb ) and Daytime offer ( 1gb ).Initial Price ranges from minimum Rs.5 to maximum Rs.25 only. usage volume with minimum of 20mb and maximum of 1gb. The daily mini , daily basic and daily premium has the validity of one day only but day time offer has the validity of 4am to 4pm.

Package Price Volume Validity
Daily Mini Rs. 5 20MB 1 Day
Daily Basic Rs. 15 100MB 1 Day
Daily Premium Rs. 25 200MB 1 Day
Daytime Offer Rs. 12 1 GB 4am to 4pm

Dial *6464# for tariff activation menu

Zong 4G Packages Night:

It is the most common packages used by young blood. Zong is offering one deal Only which has the name called Good night offer with the price of Rs.6 only and data volume of 1GB and validity from 1am to 9am.

Package Price Volume Validity
Good Night Offer Rs. 6 1GB 1am to 9am

Dial *6464# for tariff activation menu

Zong 4G Packages Weekly:

It consist of the weekly bundle available in the name called Weekly premium and Weekly super package of price range of Rs.70 & Rs100 respectively and data volume of 700mb & 2000mb separately. Both packages are valid for  a 7days only.

Package Price Volume Validity
Weekly Premium Rs. 70 700 MB 7 Days
Weekly Super Rs. 100 2000 MB 7 Days

Dial *6464# for tariff activation menu

Zong 4G Packages Monthly:

Zong is providing to its customers with the monthly packages which consists of  six packages Monthly mini ( 150mb ) ,  Monthly basic ( 500mb ) , Monthly premium ( 2gb ),  Monthly 6gb + 1gb a day , Monthly premium plus ( 10gb ) , monthly premium plus II ( 20gb). The monthly mini cost is Rs.50 , monthly basic cost is Rs.150 , Monthly premium cost is Rs.300 , Monthly 6gb + 1gb a day cost of Rs.600 , Monthly premium plus cost is Rs.1800 only and lastly monthly premium plus II cost is Rs3500. minimum volume allocated is 150mb and maximum volume allocated is 20gb.

Package Price Volume Validity
Monthly Mini Rs. 50 150 MB 30 Days
Monthly Basic Rs. 150 500 MB 30 Days
Monthly Premium Rs. 300 2 GB 30 Days
Monthly 6GB + 1GB/Day Rs. 600 6 GB 30 Days
Monthly Premium Plus Rs. 1,800 10 GB 30 Days
Monthly Premium Plus II Rs. 3,500 20 GB 30 Days

Dial *6464# for tariff activation menu

Zong 4G Packages Social:

It has only one package name Social with the price range of Rs.10 and volume of 100mb valid for a day. It is for the users who are interested in using only facebook , twitter and whatsapp.

Package Price Volume Validity
Social Rs. 10 100 MB 1 Day

Dial *6464# for tariff activation menu

Zong 4G Classified Bundle:

It has the available package of only one as well  as the is name social with price of Rs.5 and volume of 50mb valid for a day. It is for the users who wanted to surf these sites Browsing Pakwheels , daraz , lamudi , kaymu  and cartmudi.

Package Price Volume Validity
Social Rs. 5 50 MB 1 Day

Zong 4G Social Micro Bundle:

Zong offers 3 packages namely Facebook daily , whatsapp daily , twitter daily with minimum price range of Rs.2 and maximum price range of Rs.5 and volume of 20mb to 50mb valid for a day.

Package Price Volume Validity
Facebook Daily Rs. 5 50 MB 1 Day
WhatsApp Daily Rs. 3 30 MB 1 Day
Twitter Daily Rs. 2 20 MB 1 Day

Dial *6464# for tariff activation menu

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Zong 4G All In One Bundle:

It contains of the package under which user will get all in one place i.e: calling minutes , sms and data bundle.

Customers are advice to dial *6464# to get the menu and select the above packages.

Package Price Volume Validity
Daily Rs. 20 40 MB 1 Day
Weekly Rs. 130 350 MB 7 Days
Monthly Rs. 350 700 MB 30 Days
Monthly I Rs. 500 1500 MB 30 Days
Monthly II Rs. 599 2 GB 30 Days
Monthly III Rs. 799 4 GB 30 Days

So, I’ve showed you all the Zong 4G Packages, their offers and bundle with charges.

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