Discover Wi-tribe’s new service: Wi-tribe TV for PC & Mobile

Discover Wi-tribe’s new service: Wi-tribe TV for PC & Mobile

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Wi Tribe TV: Hello and welcome packagers! Today we have brought you another recently launched service in Pakistan which is surely not to be missed. Wi-tribe has launched Wi-tribe TV (Wi net TV) which is just as exciting as it sounds. So, sit back, relax and enjoy reading our article “Discover Wi-tribe’s new service: Wi-tribe TV for PC & Mobile”.
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Discover Wi-tribe’s new service: Wi-tribe TV for PC & Mobile-(Description)

Wi-tribe is one of the renowned internet service providers in Pakistan! Known for its high-quality internet services with undisturbed connections. As we all can see that after growing internet use in Pakistan especially after the introduction of 3G/4G a number of people are going for streaming media contents on their devices. Targeting this particular market segment wi-tribe has introduced this service.

Wi-tribe’s Wi-net TV isn’t the only type of its kind service but many others like PTCL (insert link) have also introduced Smart TV app for PC. But according to Wi-tribe Wi-net TV is the best there is when it comes to live streaming TV on PC/Mobiles.

Wi-tribe TV is providing as many as 150 plus live high-quality streaming of TV channels which people can enjoy anywhere and anytime through their PC’s, Laptops and smart phones.

What sets Wi-tribe Wi-net TV apart from others is the built-in option like Video on Demand! Yes, you read that right video on demand is currently only being provided by Wi-tribe Wi-net.

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It doesn’t matter whichever system software you are using whether iOS/Android/Web because Wi-tribe Wi-net is on the go!

Wi-tribe promises its customers that Wi net is a service that you won’t forget and the one which is providing many in built application features which other Smart TV providers aren’t providing.

Now let’s move towards the features of Wi-net TV:

Wi-tribe TV Features:

  • For existing Wi-tribe users and for non-Wi-tribe users monthly fee would be Rs.100/- only.
  • You can watch up to 150 plus channels.
  • There is also an option of video on demand.
  • One of the best things of Wi-net is that you can simultaneously do streaming on up to 3 devices at a time.
  • Wi-net supports all system softwares such as iOS/Android/Web.
  • There is also an option of radio streaming.
  • And yes, there are also Indian channels available.

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