How to Check Your Ufone Number Call History Online Self-care-(Description)

Hello guys! Today we will be educating you on How to Check Your Ufone Number Call History Online. Ufone is currently one of the best mobile networks of Pakistan. Be its SMS service, call service, Mobile Internet or Sales service; Ufone is always regarded one of the best in providing them. This service of Ufone to check call history online is relatively a new service of them from which Ufone customers can get the details of their call history and can also receive the backup of their contacts.

Below given are the details of Ufone Call History Online

Please do note that this service is only for Pre-paid customers as post-paid customers already get a copy of their call history attached to the bill at the month end.  

Why Need Online Call History?

It is often observed that at times people need this service when their mobile phones get stolen or they might be facing some other issues for which they require to trace out the call history of their numbers. Issues like if you feel that your mobile phone is being used in your absence or to keep an eye on your school or college going students for their activity. With getting online call history you can ensure that your SIM card and mobile phone is within your control.

How to Check Call History Online?

  1. The first option is either you can go to the Ufone Service Centre and show them your original CNIC card with and give them a copy of it and also show them your SIM card. Soon the customer’s sales representative will show you your call history.
  2. The second option is that you can call on Ufone helpline and talk with the customer service representative. After getting some information and filling out few formalities, you will be getting your call history at your given address.

Charges for Call History Service:

Ufone will be charging Rs.50 plus tax for this service. You will be getting call history for the last 30 days. If you want for last 90 you can also get that with the same rate applied.

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