Ufone International Call Packages UAE, China, Dubai, Saudi Arab & More

Ufone International Call Packages UAE, China, Dubai, Saudi Arab & More

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Ufone International Call Packages – UAE, China, Dubai, Saudi Arab & More-(Description)

Do you want to stay connected with your loved ones despite the distance and with economical price? Then here on this post we will be telling you “Ufone International Call Packages for UAE, China, Dubai, Saudi Arab & more” on very pocket friendly rates for you. Ufone is known for the giving out the best packages amongst the network providers. So, keeping up with its recognition, Ufone has brought its pre-paid customers the best international call rates so that they may remain connected with their loved ones abroad.

With this offer you don’t have to worry about any specific timings related issue or anything else. Ufone is offering fixed rates per minute so that you don’t get bound with any limitations and use the services as much as you like. If you are not a Ufone user then what are you waiting for? Get your new Ufone pre-paid SIM and enjoy this wonderful offer.

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Ufone International Call Packages – UAE, China, Dubai, Saudi Arab & More Advertisement

Ufone International Call Packages

Ufone International Call Packages

Below is the list of the destinations where this offer can be used. And rates are mentioned in front of them.

Covered Destinations to Call from Ufone

Note: All the given destinations are fixed.

Country Destination Rs/min
Afghanistan Fixed 12.99
Australia Fixed 2.2
Bahrain Fixed 9.99
Bangladesh Fixed 8.99
Belgium***** Fixed 3.99
Brazil Fixed 11.95
China Fixed 2.2
Denmark Fixed 2.2
Egypt Fixed 16.99
France Fixed 2.2
Germany* Fixed 2.2
Greece Fixed 3.99
Hong Kong Fixed 2.2
India Fixed 8.99
Indonesia Fixed 8.99
Iran Fixed 12.99
Iraq Fixed 25
Ireland Fixed 3.99
Italy*** Fixed 2.2
Japan Fixed 3.99
Jordan Fixed 12.99
Kuwait Fixed 8.99
Malaysia Fixed 3.99
Netherlands Fixed 2.2
Norway Fixed 2.2
Oman Fixed 10.99
Philippines Fixed 16.99
Qatar Fixed 12.99
Russian Federation Fixed 8.99
Saudi Arabia Fixed 8.99
South Africa Fixed 8.99
South Korea Fixed 3.99
Spain Fixed 2.2
Sri Lanka Fixed 8.99
Sweden Fixed 5
Thailand Fixed 8.99
Turkey Fixed 8.99
UAE Fixed 11.50
UK** Fixed 2.2
USA/Canada Fixed 2.2
Uzbekistan Fixed 16.99
Yemen Fixed 16.99

Covered Destinations (Mobile)

Country Destination Rs/min
**UK Mobile 12.99
Afghanistan Mobile 17.95
Australia Mobile 12.99
Bahrain Mobile 9.99
Bangladesh Mobile 9.99
Belgium***** Mobile 16.99
Brazil Mobile 17.93
China Mobile 2.2
Denmark Mobile 16.99
Egypt Mobile 16.99
France Mobile 12.99
Germany Mobile 16.99
Greece Mobile 16.99
Hong Kong Mobile 2.2
India Mobile 9.99
Indonesia Mobile 16.99
Iran Mobile 12.99
Iraq Mobile 25
Ireland Mobile 29.99
Italy Mobile 16.99
Japan Mobile 12.99
Jordan Mobile 16.99
Kuwait Mobile 9.99
Malaysia Mobile 9.99
Netherlands Mobile 16.99
Norway Mobile 16.99
Oman Mobile 19.99
Philippines Mobile 12.99
Qatar Mobile 16.99
Russian Federation^ Mobile 25.00
Saudi Arabia Mobile 9.98
South Africa Mobile 16.99
South Korea Mobile 10.99
Spain Mobile 16.99
Sri Lanka Mobile 10.99
Sweden Mobile 15
Thailand Mobile 9.99
Turkey Mobile 12.99
UAE Mobile 11.50
USA/Canada Mobile 2.2
Uzbekistan Mobile 16.99
Yemen Mobile 16.99

 Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) that started its operations in January 2001 under the brand name ‘Ufone’. Because of PTCL’s privatization, Ufone became a part of the Emirates Telecommunication Corporation Group (Etisalat) in 2006. Covering several key destinations your Ufone is the ultimate means to stay connected wherever your business takes you allowing seamless roaming through the network providing the best nationwide coverage. Ufone, being one of the leading cellular service providers, has recently launched its service in many new cities. Keeping up with its pace it is rapidly expanding its network.

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