Ufone – Find PUK Code & Reset/Unlock PIN Number

Ufone – Find PUK Code & Reset/Unlock PIN Number

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Hey guys! Today on this post we will be telling you “How to find your Ufone PUK code & Reset PIN number” so that you can be able to unlock and use your mobile phone again. There are cases when you accidentally lock your SIM with PUK code and forget or for any other reasons you don’t know you the PUK code to unlock it. So, people don’t worry about it now as we will be educating you with all the methods with which you can get back to using your phone again.

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Ufone – Find PUK Code & Reset/Unlock PIN Number-(Description)

Firstly, it must be remembered that Ufone doesn’t allow its users to view the PUK code by any online means. There are basically 2 methods available to generate PUK code for Ufone.

Caution: PUK code cannot be generated by any software or online means. Incorrect attempts for PUK code will result in blocking of your SIM card.

Below given are the methods, you can use whichever you find suitable:

Method 1 (USSD code):

If you want to know your PUK code dial *336# select MY Profile and select PUK code, to view your PUK code. This method will only work if your SIM card is active and unlocked. If your SIM is locked, then try the next method.

Method 2 (HELP LINE):

You need to call Ufone franchise centre and talk with the customer care representative. After inquiring some information and necessary they will give you your PUK code. Or will guide you for any next best alternative.

We advise you to avoid using PUK code for smart phones. There are many App locking applications available on the Google playstore and as well as on Istore. These applications are free of cost and very effective such as Applock or 360 security.

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