Telenor WhatsApp Package For Daily, Weekly & Monthly 2018

Telenor WhatsApp Package For Daily, Weekly & Monthly 2018

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Telenor Whatsapp Package: Want to know about the best bundle package for whatsapp? We have it then! Here on this post we will be telling you about Telenor Whatsapp Package. The best package for social networking. Scroll down below for more details.

Latest Telenor WhatsApp Packages Details

Telenor Whatsapp Package

Hey there packagers! Looking for the best WhatsApp package available? Well then guess what? You have landed yourself at the right place where we will be educating you on “Latest Telenor WhatsApp Packages Details”. Here on this post we will be giving you A to Z details about this latest package introduced by Telenor. So, sit back and relax while enjoy reading our article!

Telenor WhatsApp Package

As you yourself can see that there has been a tremendous increase in the use of social media applications. And one of them is WhatsApp, because of this now there has been a demand from the consumers and cellular networking companies are now catering to these demands by creating and introducing social networking packages.

These packages also come in bundle package which includes all the social media apps like facebook, whatsapp & twitter. But in this era of competition amongst networking companies, Telenor has always come up with best social packages which become an instant hit amongst the subscribers.

Telenor has multiple WhatsApp packages, basically providing you a choice so that you may choose the best one as per your requirement.

Now let us move towards available Telenor WhatsApp Packages:

Latest Telenor WhatsApp Packages:

Telenor Daily WhatsApp Package

  • The price of this package is Rs.5+tax
  • Its validity is of 1 day.
  • This package will provide you 100MB’s
  • For subscription dial *5*325#
  • Social: Whatsapp/Twitter/Facebook

 Telenor Weekly WhatsApp Package

  • The price of this package is Rs.5+tax
  • Its validity is of 7 days.
  • This package will provide you 1000MB’s
  • For subscription dial *345*991#
  • Social: Whatsapp

Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package

  • Currently there is now Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package, but soon Telenor will be introducing it.

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