Telenor 3G Packages for Internet 24 Hours & Monthly (Offers)

Telenor 3G Packages for Internet 24 Hours & Monthly (Offers)

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Telenor 3g Packages: Hey there friends, hope you all must be doing great! Today on this post you will be reading about “Telenor 3g Packages for Internet 24 Hours (Offers)” along with Telenor Monthly internet package. We have gathered all of the Telenor 3g net packages so that you may find it easy to choose any as per your need. So, for further details scroll down below 24 hours Telenor internet Packages For 3G.

And You will also find details of telenor3g packages weekly unlimited

Telenor 3g Packages for Internet 24 Hours (Offers)

telenor 3g packages

Today, I will be telling you all about the Telenor 3G Packages Internet 2017 For 24 Hours, but with this offer, you will also be subscribing to Monthly, Weekly, & Hourly Internet 3g Packages as well.

Every Telecommunication company is trying to offer better packages than others. Telenor always come up with the best offer in the market and they have launched several Monthly, Weekly, Daily and 24 Hours Night Packages in Telenor 3G.

These packages are mostly for 24 hours (1 Day). These Telenor 3G Packages Offer are for Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan and FATA.

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So now we will be moving towards the packages. Below you can see all the packages, we have also tried to cover all the Telenor 3G Packages Subscription Codes and Prices as well including Telenor 3g Packages for Weekly Unlimited Offer as well.

Telenor 3G Internet Packages 24 Hours, Weekly, Monthly & Night Offer:

telenor 3g packages

Telenor Monthly Packages For 3g Internet:

There are around 3 packages in Telenor 3g Internet Packages for Monthly which are Monthly Starter Bundle, Monthly Bundle, and Monthly Plus Bundle.

Monthly Starter Bundle

Rs Rs.300
Volume  2250 MB
 Validity (Days)  30 Days
 Subscription String  Dial: *345*935#
 Un-Sub  Automatically After Expiry

Monthly Bundle

Rs Rs.478
Volume 4000 MB
Validity (Days) 30 Days
Subscription String Dial: *345*135#
Un-Sub Automatically After Expiry

Monthly Plus Bundle

Rs Rs.5.98
Volume 5 MB
Validity (Days) 1 Days
Subscription String Dial: *345*931#
Un-Sub Automatically After Expiry

Final Words:

These all are about Telenor 3g Packages For Internet 24 Hours, Weekly & Monthly Offers. There aren’t any unlimited offers right now in Telenor internet. Once it is announced we will let you know about it.

We hope that you liked our information on Telenor 3g Packages for Internet 24 Hours (Offers). Before presenting anything to our readers we very carefully study and authenticate the nature of information. So, if you want to read about the networks packages and more informative stuff then please visit our site Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe our page!