Qubee Internet Packages Latest for 2018

Qubee Internet Packages Latest for 2018

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Qubee Internet packages: Looking for Qubee packages? Well guess what? We here will be telling you all about them. All of the 2018 latest qubee packages with their details and stuff right in the article below. So what are you waiting for? Read all the content below and find out the best package for your self!

Latest Qubee Packages for 2018

Hello and welcome again people! Are you here for Qubee Packages? Well then you won’t be disappointed to hear that you have landed yourself at the just right place where we will be giving you all the details regarding “Latest Qubee Packages for 2018”. So just sit back, relax and enjoy reading our article.

About Qubee:

Qubee Pakistan is working under Augere Pakistan Pvt Ltd with wireless broadband business under holding mission “broadband for all”. Qubee Pakistan is focused upon the provision of functional internet services to Pakistan, and is currently available in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Augere is a wireless broadband business founded in 2007.

It is headed by the former CEO of Orange, Sanjiv Ahuja. It has a mission to provide ‘broadband for all’ and is working to bring available, affordable and accessible broadband internet services to under-served communities worldwide.

Augere has so far launched broadband internet services in Pakistan in July 2009 and in Bangladesh in October 2009 under the brand name Qubee. Augere is also expecting to launch services in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and India in 2011 and is continuing to pursue spectrum across Africa, Asia and South-East Asia.

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Now without wasting any further time let’s see what packages Qubee has for its customers:

Qubee Packages Unlimited Volume Bundles

Speed Monthly Charge Modem Price WiFi Router Price
1 Mbps Rs.1299 Rs.1000 Rs.500
2 Mbps Rs.1499 Rs.1000 Free
3 Mbps Rs.1699 Rs.1000 Free
4 Mbps Rs.1999 Rs.1000 Free

Qubee Packages Modem Unlimited Upfront Charges (First Time)

Speed Monthly Charge WiFi Router Price
1 Mbps Unlimited Rs.2300 Rs.500
2 Mbps Unlimited Rs.2500 Free
3 Mbps Unlimited Rs.2700 Free
4 Mbps Unlimited Rs.3000 Free

 Qubee Packages Limited Volume Bundles

Speed 20 GB 40 GB Modem Price WiFi Router Price
1 Mbps Rs.799 Rs.99 Rs.500 Rs.1000
2 Mbps Rs.999 Rs.1199 Rs.500 Rs.1000
3 Mbps Rs.1199 Rs.1399 Rs.500 Rs.1000

Qubee 20GB Packages Upfront Charges (First Time)

Speed Price without WiFi Router With WiFi Router Price
1 Mbps 20 GB Rs.1299 Rs.2299
2 Mbps 20 GB Rs.1499 Rs.2499
3 Mbps 20 GB Rs.1699 Rs.2699

Qubee 40GB Packages Upfront Charges (First Time)

Speed Price without WiFi Router With WiFi Router Price
1 Mbps 40 GB Rs.1499 Rs.2499
2 Mbps 40 GB Rs.1699 Rs.2699
3 Mbps 40 GB Rs.1899 Rs.2899

 Qubee USB Unlimited Volume Bundles

Speed 20 GB USB Activation Price Modem Price
1 Mbps Rs.800 Rs.1200 Rs.1500
2 Mbps Rs.1000 Rs.1000 Rs.1500

 Qubee USB Unlimited Volume Bundles (First Time)

Speed Without WiFi Router Price With WiFi Router Price
1 Mbps Unlimited Rs.200 Rs.3500
2 Mbps Unlimited Rs.2000 Rs.3500

So, guys this was all about Qubee Packages! Hope you like them and will subscribe them soon.

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