PTCL Login Settings of PTCL DSL & Wireless Router

PTCL Login Settings of PTCL DSL & Wireless Router

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PTCL Login Through Hey there friends! Are you looking for Login Setting? Because here we will be telling you about how you can configure your DSL/Wireless router settings with just few quick steps. If you want to know about this then just read our article below.

PTCL Login Settings of PTCL DSL & Wireless Router

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Howdy there PTCL Subscribers! So, are you facing problems related to PTCL Login Settings? Or you don’t know how to configure them? Well like we always say, don’t worry and ease your tensions as we here at packagefinder have brought you solution to this issue of yours. This post “PTCL Login Settings of PTCL DSL & Wireless Router” will guide you step by step and at the you will be thanking us. So, without wasting further time read all of the content given below.

PTCL Login Settings:

It is very common amongst people to face difficulty when the want to configure their PTCL login settings. This is due to mainly that they don’t have knowledge of how to perform this. To be honest this is a very simple procedure which we will guide you step by step and will enable you to perform PTCL login settings on your own.

Now to perform PTCL DSL/Wireless Router Settings follow the given steps:

PTCL DSL/Wireless Router Setting:

  1. First, you need to open any internet browser and enter this IP Address if this doesn’t open then you can also enter this

  1. A small window will appear asking your Username and Password. In both of these section you will type “admin”. Like this:

Username: admin

Password: admin

 In few cases, username and password is “user”. But still if these both don’t work then you will have to check the back of DSL Modem. You can find your username and password there too.

ptcl login

After this you will have successfully logged in, and now you can configure any setting which you want to change like Wifi password change, or block any user from using the internet or if you want to check your monthly data usage or you can even check how many Data you have still left.

Guide Video:

Note: One important thing to see here is that, once you have changed your PTCL Login Settings your Wifi Router will reboot causing temporary disconnection for a few minutes or seconds. But LAN users won’t be facing this issue.

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