PTCL Helpline & PTCL Complaint Number

PTCL Helpline & PTCL Complaint Number

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PTCL Helpline: Hey Viewers !!!Hello and welcome packagers! So you having difficulty knowing PTCL helpline number or PTCL complaint number of PTCL Broadband? Then I’ve written a complete guide how you complain through ptcl helpline or

PTCL Helpline & PTCL Complaint Number

Well you won’t have to worry anymore now as we have specially directed this post “PTCL Helpline & PTCL Complaint Number” for you. In this article, you will be finding all of the Toll Free PTCL Helpline numbers and Customer care numbers. So, enjoy reading this article and leave your comments below to tell us how helpful this post was.

A Glance at PTCL & PTCL Helpline and PTCL Complaint Number

PTCL Helpline


So, before we shall begin our article let’s tell you a little about PTCL. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is Pakistan’s largest ICT (Information Communication Technology). Started in 1947, PTCL now is the leading ICT company in Pakistan. PTCL provides telephonic and internet services all over Pakistan and is the backbone of the nation in telecommunication department despite the presence of many other telecommunication companies.

So as PTCL is one of the most commonly used brand when it comes to telecommunication’s services so it seems obvious that its Helpline and Complaint number is widely used. This is why PTCL always has its PTCL helpline and complaint number 24hr active for PTCL customers.

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If you facing any sort of problem or want to register any complain or if you want get a new connection (internet or telephonic) just call on PTCL Helpline or PTCL Complaint Number and you shall be entertained.

After the privatisation of PTCL and introduction of many new competitors in the industry, the company has now majorly shifted its focus to provide more quality and new services to its customers while remaining price low. Also now PTCL is trying to increase its customer satisfaction and that’s why it has tried to better its customer complaint ratio,

PTCL Helpline & PTCL Complaint Number

Now let us move towards the PTCL Helpline and PTCL Complain Numbers which you were waiting for. Below given table will provide you each and every helpline number which you may ever require. We suggest you to bookmark this page so that in future you may refer back here and find any of the PTCL Helpline and PTCL Complain Number which you may require.

The given numbers are 24hr active and are TOLL Free.

CLI, Voice Message Service activations


111 465 465
Assistance on all services


Complaint registration or help on any fault


PTCL Calling Card


0800 8 0808
Inquiry or directory services


Billing information


To Update Directory Inquiry


0800 0 1217
Directory Assistance  


Information Helpline


Package Conversion


New Service order line




  • If you want to order Vfone connection on phone so just dial 0800-80800 and place your order with the customer sales representative.
  • If you want any information or want to register ant complaint then just dial 1236 which is a 24hr helpline.
  • If you want to convert your package then just dial 1015 from your Vfone connection and follow the instructions told.
  • For directory assistance just dial 1217.

So guys this was all about PTCL Helpline and PTCL Complain Number, if you still have any query un-answered then write in the comment box below and we will try to reply you at our earliest.

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