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PTCL Broadband Upgradation Packages – New Unlimited 100Mbps Package

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PTCL Network Upgradation Packages: Hey there! Have you heard of the latest PTCL packages which PTCL has just introduced to its latest upgradation of the network through upgraded copper and fiber? Now you can enjoy speeds up to 100Mbps with unlimited data in broadband plan. For more details check out the content below.

PTCL Broadband Upgradation Packages – New Unlimited 100Mbps Package

PTCL Broadband

Welcome readers! Do you know about the recent upgradation PTCL has done its packages? Well if you don’t know then here on this article “PTCL Broadband Upgradation Packages – New Unlimited 100Mbps Package” we will be telling you all about the newest introductions in PTCL’s packages. So, scroll down and read all the details below.

PTCL New Broadband Plan

PTCL has just recently introduced the unlimited 100Mbps broadband plan for just Rs. 4,999 per month in its latest GPON – FIFTH Broadband Plans and DSL. PTCL upgraded its core-network by installing upgraded copper and fiber in high-demand areas. Due to this deployment, the company is now offering speeds up to 100Mbps with unlimited broadband plans in selected areas. The plans are soon to be expanded in the rest of the areas of Pakistan.

Also, read:

PTCL GPON – FIFTH Broadband Plans

  • 5Mbps: Rs 1,999
  • 10Mbps: Rs 2,499
  • 20Mbps: Rs 2,999
  • 50Mbps: Rs 3,999
  • 100Mbps: Rs 4,999

New Fiber to Home (GPON) Connection Installation Charges: Rs. 11,999/-

Points to Remember:

  • Please note that as for now GPON is available in selected areas only. You can either call PTCL Helpline number or see the coverage map of PTCL GPON from here to check whether you are in the coverage location.
  • Hence, if you want to be qualified for these packages you will either have to be located in an area where GPON is available or located where the exchange has been revamped.

So, guys, this was all about PTCL Broadband upgraded packages! Hope you liked them and will be using it if you are within the area limit.

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