ptcl account id

PTCL Account ID – Full Guide of Checking Bill Online

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PTCL Account ID: Are you still unaware of the PTCL latest service „PTCL Ecare“ for its customer? If yes then you dont have to worry about a thing, as we here on this article will be telling all about it. Just scroll down below and check all the details related to it and find out what benefits can you avail from it.

PTCL Account ID – Full Guide of Checking Bill Online

ptcl account id

Greeting Packagers! So, do you guys know about PTCL Online Service like PTCL Account ID? Well if not then, here on this post “PTCL Account ID – Full Guide of Checking Bill Online” we will be telling you each and everything about it. This is going to be a very informative and interesting article guys so make sure that you read it very carefully and gain all the benefit from it! For rest of the details scroll down below.

What is PTCL Account ID?

Gone are the days when you had to call PTCL office or go there and stand in ques waiting for your issues to be resolved. As in this modern era of technology where everything is getting digitalized PTCL has also revolutionized its way of dealing with its customers. You can now use various online services from PTCL Account ID like:

PTCL is now providing a number of services online through its online portal, where you can now check your PTCL Phone & Internet Bill with your telephone number and Record ID. You can now also Print a duplicate bill’s copy. The following are the online service now being provided by PTCL.

  • Create your own online account by entering your details.
  • Bill inquiry service at
  • Receive your bill online at your e-mail id by e-payment services.

 How to Check PTCL Bill?

  • First you have to go to this link and then enter your PTCL phone number without area code, after that enter your account ID and get your duplicate copy of PTCL Bill.

ptcl account id


So, guys this was all about PTCL Account ID, hope you liked it and would use the above information provided whenever you feel need for.

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