National Savings Apps For Investment Info, Prize Bond Results & Others

National Savings Apps For Investment Info, Prize Bond Results & Others

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National Savings Application Complete Guide: Hey there packagers! Are you looking to check Investment info, prize bond results/draws, scheme and profit certificates then. You all must be very excited to read about our todays article! Well why won’t you all be?

As today we bring you “National Saving Application Complete Guide”. Yes, you read that right! National Savings Scheme of Pakistan have just launched their official application through which you can perform all the tasks easily. To read the details of the application just scroll down below.

National Savings Application (Qoumi Bachat Digital):

In this modern era of technology where everything is now getting digitalized, National Savings Scheme have also launched their official application by the name of Qoumi Bachat Digital.

This was a much-needed step by National Savings, as this app will save time and money for the investors as well as for the National Savings operators. There are many star features of this application such as:

  • Check your account balance
  • View up-to-date certificates
  • Review product wise investment particulars
  • Notification of transactions of accounts & certificates through SMS and emails.
  • Checking of transaction history
  • View accounts statement
  • Check prize bond result draws
  • Saving option of price bond numbers for future draws

National Saving Application Complete Guide

Keeping in mind the user audience of this app, another spectacular feature of this app is that it comes in both English and Urdu versions. So that the users of this app won’t have any trouble using it.

You can also check out this video for more information regarding National Savings App

Further Review about National Savings

Right now, the national savings have 223 branches in Pakistan and according to their press release, 70% of their data is online while the rest of it is in the process of getting it automated.

This current version of “Qoumi Bachat Digital” is a non-transaction version, meaning that you cannot perform any financial transactions for now. An updated version of this app in the next stage will include this feature along with several other features as well.

Furthermore, national savings have also opened up their call centre for their customers complaint which is being operated through a Computerized Complaint Resolution System. You can reach out to the call centre if any help required by dialling 051-9226635.

To conclude, this indeed was a well vision step taken by the national savings to transform themselves into a digital platform. Only time will tell how much more this step will bear the fruitful benefits.

To download Qoumi Bachat Digital app from the Google Playstore click here.

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