NADRA Pakistan Online CNIC Service: ID Card Process Made Easy

NADRA Pakistan Online CNIC Service: ID Card Process Made Easy

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NADRA: Hey looking for online CNIC NADRA service? If yes then my friend you are at the right place! Here will be providing A to Z details of how you can apply online easily by sitting at home and making your CNIC online through official website of nadra.

Just sit back, relax and read this article “NADRA Pakistan Online CNIC Service: ID Card Process Made Easy” after which you will surely be thanking us for this great service!

NADRA Pakistan Online CNIC Service: ID Card Process Made Easy-(Description)


Okay so we all have been through the hectic and terrible experiences of making our ID cards from nadra offices. Waiting for our turns in the never-ending ques with no concept of calling out by token numbers. And if you’re having a bad luck you may even be turned away if the closing hours have approached, no matter for how long you had been standing.

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So, in short one of the worst things Pakistanis have to go through for making their ID cards. Well now thanks to some sensible mindset in the nadra Pakistan department, now the process for making ID card has been made online.

A long-needed relief for the Pakistani’s in the source of CNIC online will surely be nothing less than a blessing for many. Now you will just need to be visiting the official nadra website which is and make your ID cards hassle free.

Okay guys now we will be moving towards on how you can make your CNIC online through nadra Pakistan website:

How I can make my CNIC Online?

So firstly, you will be needing to visit the nadra website which is

Here you will not only can make your CNIC but this portal will also be addressing and resolving all sorts of CNIC card issues. Some of the services which you can exploit through nadra website are mentioned below:

  • Making of CNIC card for the first time
  • Renewing your CNIC card (when it expires)
  • Reprinting of your CNIC card (convenient where you want to give copies of your ID card)
  • Making or renewing of overseas ID card (for overseas Pakistanis)
  • Alterations of your ID card details (if any incorrect or missed detail)

After you have chosen any of the above following option you want to proceed with for your ID card creation, the next thing we will be moving forward will be the “application fee” and “supporting documents”. It must be kept in mind that for every option these both requirements will be different.

From the below picture you can see the multiple options are available of which kind of online CNIC you want to make:

nadra online cnic

Which Supporting Documents Will I Be Requiring for Online CNIC?

nadra online cnic

Nadra has made online CNIC process very easy so after choosing your desired option for which ID card issue you want to be applying, you will automatically be getting the list of required documents for that purpose.

You can also the which supporting documents you will be needing from here


  • If you want to apply for overseas ID card you will be requiring a Passport Copy & CRC.
  • If you want to renew your ID card you will be requiring a Scanned Copy of CNIC (If no modifications are required).

It must also be remembered that NADRA may also ask for other documents when applying for online CNIC.

Other than this NADRA website is a user-friendly website so you can also apply for online CNIC through your mobile phones.

How to Prepare Documents for Online Processing?

NADRA has prepared its website in a very professional and detailed way. It has step by step process for every sort uploading of files, photos, picture file formats etc. For everything detailed information is presented on their site

Now for example if you want to change your picture when your ID card has been expired. Their picture detailing section will provide you the requirements they will be needing for the uploading of the picture as per their standards.

Below you can see some of the introductory guidelines for the supporting documents:

  • Photo Capture
  • Fingerprints Capture
  • Form Filling
  • Document Upload

You can also check out this link for all the documentation guidelines

If you are still unsure of the picture uploading process you can check the below link of NADRA:

Now we will see what will be the application fee for the process

Application Fee for Online CNIC

The application fee will be different for the every Online CNIC options available. So, in order to make your Online CNIC you will be needing to deposit an Application Fee. From this link, you can check out the rates for different CNIC options

Not only this you can also find the delivery rates for the CNIC, and that too my friends will differ as per area wise and other reasons.

Our Thoughts On Online CNIC Process:

Well this was a much-needed breakthrough for the people of Pakistan as everyone knows the horrors of making an ID card at NADRA offices. But still there is always room for improvement and so is the case here, an Urdu version of this site will be more helpful as per the demographic of internet Pakistani users.

Nevertheless, this is a great step taken by NADRA at the moment, which will surely help a lot of people to have a more easy way of applying for their CNIC’s.

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