Mobilink Helpline Number

Mobilink Jazz, Ufone, Zong, Warid & Telenor Helpline Numbers

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Hello and a very warm welcome to all the readers of this post! Here on this post we will be telling you all about “All Networks- Mobilink Jazz, Ufone, Zong, Warid & Telenor Helpline Numbers”. Many people have the difficulty finding their respective networks helpline or customer care number. So to ease your worries we have listed all of the networks helpline and customer care numbers in one place and also how to contact if calling from land-line. So, read the whole article below and you will get all Networks Helpline Numbers at the same place.

All Networks – Mobilink Jazz, Ufone, Zong, Warid & Telenor Helpline Numbers

Mobilink Helpline Number


So, guys as you can all see that mobile networks have now expanded vastly into every corner of the country and almost each and every person now has a mobile phone. As many as the number of mobile phones then as much the number of complain and help they require. So, every mobile network has a dedicated 24hr Helpline and Customer care numbers for their users to satisfy their needs and answer to their network related problems.

Helpline & Customer Care Numbers

People often face difficulty knowing which number to contact for complaints or to seek any help. So, to ease your worries we have assembled the following Helpline & Customer care Numbers:

  • Ufone helpline
  • Mobilink helpline
  • Mobilink customer care
  • Mobilink UAN number
  • Mobilink helpline from ptcl
  • Zong helpline
  • Warid helpline
  • Telenor helpline

Ufone Helpline Number for PTCL and Ufone users

  • Ufone users can dial 333 from their mobile phones, while land-line users can call Ufone Helpline by simply dialing 033-11-333-100

Ufone Helpline Number

Mobilink Helpline Number

  • Mobilink users can reach Mobilink Helpline by dialing 111 from their cell phones while if anyone wants to reach out Mobilink Helpline through land-line, they can dial 111-300-300.

Mobilink Helpline Number

Zong Helpline Number

  • If you are Zong subscriber you can reach out Zong Helpline by dialing 310. If you want to call Zong Helpline through land-line you can dial 111-222-11.

Zong helpline number

Telenor Helpline Number

  • Telenor users can dial 345 from their handsets to reach out Telenor Helpline. And if you want to call Telenor Helpline through land-line you can dial 111-345-100.

Zong helpline number

Warid Helpline Number

  • To call Warid Helpline through Warid SIM you can do it by dialing 321. And if you want to reach Warid Helpline by landline you can call by dialing 111-111-321.

Zong helpline number

So, guys this was all about Helpline and Customer Care Numbers of all the Networks, if you still have any query un-answered then write in the comment box below and we will try to reply you at our earliest.

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