Mobilink – Find PUK Code & Reset PIN to Unlock SIM Card

Mobilink – Find PUK Code & Reset PIN to Unlock SIM Card

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Hey there Jazz users! So here you guys will be learning about “How to Find PUK Code & Reset PIN to Unlock SIM Card”. The thing is that people usually come across situations where they lock their SIM cards with PIN numbers and due to three wrong attempts the phone gets locked and requires PUK code. And if they also don’t know the PUK code or have forgotten it a wrong attempt results in complete lockdown of the mobile and the SIM card gets blocked. So, people we have brought you this article which will help you in knowing your PUK code and how you can unlock your phone again

Mobilink – Find PUK Code & Reset PIN to Unlock SIM Card-(Description)

Caution: PUK code cannot be generated by any software or online means. Incorrect attempts for PUK code will result in blocking of your SIM card.

Below given are two methods with which you can find your PUK code:

Method 1:

Firstly, you can dial Mobilink’s helpline number 111 and speak with the customer sales representative. They will require some of your information for verification process after which they will tell your PUK code.

Method 2:

If you are calling Mobilink customer care from other network or land line, then use the following numbers  

  • 111300300
  • If you are calling from places other than Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi then put +92or 0 in front of the number.

The customer care representative will be asking you the SIM number which is of 8 to 15 numbers. You can find this number printed on the back of the SIM card. You will also have to give your other details for the verification process, so if you manage to convince the customer care representative then he/she will tell you the PUK code.

Word of Advice:

We recommend that you avoid using PIN number to lock your phone, nowadays you can download various applications on smart phone for App locking. Like Applocker and 360 security.

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