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Today we are going to tell you about the 3g packages of the fastest 3g internet service provider in Pakistan Mobilink jazz with more than 50 million users who subscribes for the 3g internet packages.

The mentioned below are the 3g packages offered by the Mobilink jazz:

Daily 3G Internet packages: It consist of two sub packages that mobilink has offered namely Jazz daily 3g/4g package and jazz super daily 3g/4g package. The minimum price of the package is Rs20 only and the maximum price of the package is Rs.29.88 only.

3 Days 3G Internet packages: This package offers only one basic package with the charges of this package is Rs.41.83 only valid for the whole 3days to use by the customers.

Weekly 3G Internet packages: There are three packages offered in this package which are Jazz 3g/4g weekly package , jazz super 3g/4g weekly package and jazz weekly extreme package with the minimum cost of Rs.50 only and the maximum cost of Rs.110 only.

Monthly Internet packages: It contains four remarkable packages which are jazz 3g/4g browser package , jazz 3g/4g monthly lite package , jazz 3g/4g monthly smart package and jazz 3g/4g monthly heavy package with the minimum price of the packages is Rs.160 and maximum price of the packages is Rs.1200only.

3G Hybrid Bundle: It has only one package that is 3g hybrid bundle with the charges of the package is Rs.478 only valid for the whole month 30 days for the customers who subscribe for this package.