How to Make Mobile Account on EasyPaisa, Mobicash, Timepey, Upaisa and Mobile Paisa

How to Make Mobile Account on EasyPaisa, Mobicash, Timepey, Upaisa and Mobile Paisa

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Make Mobile Account on EasyPaisa, Mobicash, Timepey, Upaisa, and Mobile Paisa (Description):

According to a survey, almost 60% of the Pakistan population doesn’t have bank accounts. Reason? Just because of the fact that most of the low wage earner people are afraid to go to a bank. They think of banks as high standard institutions where there would be people above their standards. Another reason is this that most of the rural people are deprived of the facility of banks near their locality. So, companies have brought an effective way to ease people’s worries are more of a way to tap the market which needs are not being met. They have introduced the concept of Mobile Accounts (Mobile Wallets). By this service, people can easily deposit, withdraw and transfer cash and also pay utility bills just with the help of your phone.

Almost all of the Pakistani telecom companies are offering these services with their own respective names. And just in short time after this method was introduced, this amazing facility has been spread wide amongst the people of Pakistan and is an efficient, convenient, reliable, and secure way of accessing Financial Services.

You just need to have your valid CNIC card and mobile phone and that’s it! You don’t need to stay for hours in long ques nor you have any fear of risk as this is safe and reliable.

Telenor was the pioneer to introduce this service in Pakistan in 2009 with the name of EasyPaisa. Currently, all of the telecom operators of Pakistan are providing this facility. This service is more popular in rural areas of Pakistan as compared to the urban areas.

Anyways, in this article, we will be telling you to how to open a mobile account of Mobilink, Telenor, Zong, Warid or Ufone. Below are the procedure written for each of the ones.

Mobilink – Mobicash:

To make a Mobicash account one needs to have two of the following things:

  • You must have an active Mobilink Sim.
  • You must possess a valid CNIC card.

The Mobilink customers just have to dial *786# to make their Mobilink – Mobicash account for their bio-metrically verified SIMs. After dialing *786# the user has to complete the registration process and after that, the customer will receive a 4-digit PIN, which is a must to change to ensure security by again dialing *786#. As for those customers who are non-biometric verified Mobilink users must have to visit the Mobilink franchise center or selected Mobicash centers to activate their Mobicash Mobile Account.

If the customers make their first cash deposit with Mobicash then as an incentive, they will be rewarded 250 minutes. Account registration, cash deposit to Mobile Account, Money Transfer to Mobile Account and bill payment with Mobicash is free. But the withdrawal of cash or transferring of cash to CNIC will be charged.

Telenor – EasyPaisa

To avail the services of EasyPaisa you can open the account from any Telenor Sales and Service Centres, Telenor Franchise or Tameer Bank branch. But for a Telenor customer, they can open the account for free by dialing *345*3737# but it must be noted that the SIM should be biometrically verified.

After completing you are now eligible to do financial transaction by visiting any EasyPaisa shop and deposit, withdraw, send money to other EasyPaisa mobile accounts for free.

Another service of EasyPaisa is that you can also do online shopping through online payment portal known as Easypay.

Ufone – Upaisa:

You can create your Upaisa mobile account by dialing *60# given that you must be having your valid and original CNIC card and a Ufone SIM. You can also register for your mobile account by visiting the Ufone Service Centres, Franchises, Ubank branches and selected Upaisa agents along with your CNIC. After the registration process is complete you will receive an account opening confirmation SMS within 4 hours. You can dial *786# from his mobile to access your UPaisa Mobile Account.

Account opening, cash deposit, mini statement and balance inquiry are free of cost while Ufone charges from utility bill payment to transferring money.

Zong – Timepey:

If you have a valid and original CNIC card so you can open your Timepey Mobile Account can be opened from any Zong Sales and Service Centres, Zong Franchise or Askari Bank branch. But Zong doesn’t give the shortcodes to open Timepey mobile accounts.

To use the services customers can go to any Timepey shops and Askari Bank branch to deposit or withdraw cash from there Timepey mobile accounts.

Only money transaction and cash withdrawal will be charged while cash deposit, utility bill payment, mini statement & balance inquiry will be free of charge.

Warid – Mobile Paisa:

If you want to avail the services of Warid mobile paisa you must go to any Warid business center or Warid franchise along with your valid and original CNIC and your Warid SIM card.

After you are done with the registration process, you will receive an SMS asking you to enter the 4-digit secret PIN to carry on the transaction. There are 2 ways to deposit and withdraw cash from your mobile account i.e. via mobile paisa agent and linked account. To access your mobile paisa account from your mobile phone you can dial *131#

First 3 cash deposits will not be charges while if the number of deposit accedes on the same day a 2.16% plus tax will be charged on the deposit. And there are no charges for the registration of your Mobile Paisa account.

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