How to Block Unwanted Numbers on Zong, Ufone, Jazz, Warid & Telenor

How to Block Unwanted Numbers on Zong, Ufone, Jazz, Warid & Telenor

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How to Block Number on Zong, Ufone, Jazz, Warid & Telenor (Description):

Are you fed up with these unwanted calls and SMS on your phones? Frustrated because of not finding any decent solution? Well, now people ease your tensions, as we bring you 3 different ways of how to block unwanted numbers on Zong, Ufone, Jazz, Warid & Telenor. By these methods, you can get rid of these annoying calls and SMS. Just 3 simple methods which can block calls and SMS within minutes. We understand that nowadays due to increased networking cases like these are now more spread. This is a very serious issue as sometimes it leads to harassment and sometimes becomes a severe headache for the people. That’s why we are trying to help out people with this article.

By using Mobile phone Settings

Nowadays all the smart phones have this built-in feature of blocking unwanted calls and SMS. All you have to do is save that particular number in your phone and then go to options while that contact ID is opened and then you will see an option of block/unblock the number, then do so according to your need. Or you can even do it by selecting that contact and adding it to the screened list.

As told earlier nowadays almost every phone has this option of blocking unwanted calls. Still, most of the phones will not block SMS by using the usual configuration. But still, don’t worry as we have a method of blocking SMS as well.

By taking the help of your Operator

As this issue is very common nowadays so even Pakistani cellular operators offer facilities for blocking unwanted calls and SMS. Scroll down below to see the details of how Pakistani operators provide facility to handle this situation.


Mobilink is now providing the service of blocking unwanted calls and SMS. Regardless of whether they are from mobiles, landline numbers or SMS.

You can avail this service via USSD string, you just have to dial *420# and choose the option from the menu flow or you can even SMS “act ics” and send it on 420 and then follow the instructions.

Charges: The charges for the following service will be Rs 0.5 plus tax per day for the prepaid customers while Rs 14.99 plus tax per month for the post-paid customers.


Warid is also providing this facility by the name of “Warid Call & SMS block 420”. The Warid users can block any unwanted call or SMS be it international or local by dialing 420 and later on following the given instructions or by sending an SMS by typing “SUB” and sending it to 420.

What’s more interesting is that Warid is also offering announcement option for this service. Which is that whenever the call comes from that unwanted person a default announcement gets to be heard by the caller or you can even self-record announcements and to express them against the caller’s number. Like for example, you can record: “faida nhi kyun kay block krdia hai apko” sounds hysterical, isn’t it?

Charges: Warid charges Ra 19 plus tax for these services on both pre-paid and as well as on post-paid.


For Telenor users, if you want to block unwanted calls or SMS you have to send an SMS “SUB” to 420 to get yourself registered. After that, you can SMS to 420 the number which you want to block.

Charges: Telenor charges Rs 20 plus tax for per month, and the rate is same for pre-paid and post-paid users.


Ufone offers the service of blocking the calls and SMS by the name of UBlock Service. The process for the following is: Just type ‘sub’ and send it to 420 to subscribe to the offer and following that, type block<unwanted number> and send it to 420, e.g., block 03331111111.

Charges: pre-paid customers will have to pay Rs 3.75 per week while post-paid customers will pay Rs 15 plus tax per month.


The process of blocking calls and SMS for Zong users is by typing block<SPACE><NUMBER> e.g., block 03331111111 and send it to 420.

Charges: The activation of Call Screening by Zong will cost Rs. 15+tax per month.

Applications to block Call and SMS

We Pakistani people often get bogus messages like: “mjhe load kra dou” or “Benazir income support ki tarf sy apko plot Mubarak ho”. Messages like these are fraud and sent as an entrapment. Good thing is that the apps we will tell you here will help you block these messages as well as calls which you don’t want attend to. Following are the apps:


This application is very good as it keeps the unwanted callers, text messages at bay! You will get rid of them instantly.

Call guard

Again here we have another very good app. With this app, you can even go into stealth mode by which your application icon will get hid and nobody will know that there is caller blocker installed. This app also gives the option to drop the calls, pick and then hang up the call, mute the call so that the blocked person doesn’t get to know that he’s blocked. Delete call log entry of blocked calls and more options are available at this application.

 Call and SMS easy blocker

By this app, you can permanently block the annoying calls and SMS. It has the option to put the call on waiting or even mute it. This app also gives you a separate section “blocked log” through which you can see blocked numbers.

Texter SMS Pro

This is very easy and useful app. From this, you just have to add the disturbing caller’s number or the one from which unwanted SMS come by simply going into this app and adding the contact which you don’t want to attend to by touching the “+” sign in this application.

In the End:

We hope that the above-given methods will be useful for you so that unwanted calls or SMS are kept at bay! Do share this article with your friends and family so that anyone can benefit from this.

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