How to Find your Internet Speed with Speed Test PTCL?

How to Find your Internet Speed with Speed Test PTCL?

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Speed Test Ptcl: Hello there fans and friends! Do you want to check ptcl broadband speed? Or want to check your ptcl internet through Speed Test? If yes then we here will be giving you complete guidance on how you can check your speed test ptcl. We are sure that you will be satisfied after reading this article and will find answers to all your querries.

How to Find your Internet Speed with Speed Test PTCL?

speed test PTCL

Do you guys face trouble on how to check you Internet Speed? If that is the case then hold it right there, as today we are going to give you information on one of the most important issues our PTCL users face. That is “How to Find your Internet Speed with Speed Test PTCL?” As usual we advise you to sit back and relax while reading this article as all of your issues will be answered as soon as you finish reading this post.

Why would I want to Check My Internet Speed?

I am sure that almost all of us would’ve face the situation where poor internet connection made us wonder if it the internet speed or poor signals or whatever. But if it is the internet speed! Then how to check it? So, if you are a PTCL subscriber then I’ve collected some easy ways of checking your Speed Test PTCL.

If you are other internet connection user then this method can also check your internet speed even then. Furthermore, I have even listed another way of checking your internet speed test if you are other internet network user.

Now scroll down to read the available method of checking PTCL Speed Test:

Steps for Doing PTCL Speed Test

PTCL has developed its own application of checking PTCL Speed. So PTCL DSL, EVO, EVO Wingle, Charji and Fiber optic users will find this method very convenient.

Your PTCL internet Speed will be shown in Megabits (MB’s) or Kilobits (KB’s) per second. The higher rate will be, the better speed connection you will be having.

  • Firstly, you need to be connected to your Internet
  • Then, you must visit PTCL Speed Test Website
  • The page will appear with PTCL Internet Speed Test Tool
  • Click on the “Begin Test button” and the test will then commence

speed test PTCL

After pressing the button, the Tool will take some time calculating your Internet Speed and will show you the results in Uploading Speed and Downloading Speed like in the picture below.

speed test PTCL

If you want to check your other network’s connection speed, you can also check it from this PTCL Speed Test, otherwise you can also you can also visit this site “” to check Zong, DSL, Wi-tribe or any other network speed.

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