How to Use EasyPaisa For Sending & Receiving Money – Complete Guide

How to Use EasyPaisa For Sending & Receiving Money – Complete Guide

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How to Use EasyPaisa For Sending & Receiving Money – Complete Guide-(Description)

A very warm welcome to all the readers out there of this post. A couple of years back Telenor had launched a Money Transfer Service by the name of Easy Paisa. So today on this post we will be educating you on “How to Use EasyPaisa For Sending & Receiving Money – Complete Guide”. Now after reading this post you will hopefully understand the whole process of this money transfer service.

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According to a survey almost 70% of the Pakistan’s population doesn’t have a bank account hence they are deprived of the modern banking facilities which they could’ve used otherwise. The reason was that most of the lower middle class was afraid to go to a bank as they thought Bank as a high standard place.

Hence from the above situation it was easy to say that a large market of Pakistan’s population wasn’t exploited and thus companies like Telenor took advantage of the situation and introduced “Telenor’s Easy Paisa” facility. And from time on this service is now become very much popular and has grown tremendously specially in the rural areas.

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Now from here we will be guiding you on how you can send/receive money through using Telenor easy paisa offer:

How To Send Money Through EasyPaisa

The sender of the money needs to bring the followings for money transfer:

  • Original valid CNIC of the sender along with 1 photocopy (mandatory).
  • Receiving person’s valid CNIC number (mandatory).
  • Provide sender’s mobile number (optional) and receiver’s mobile number (optional).

If you are having the above-mentioned items then simply go to any authorized easypaisa retailer shop and do the following steps:

  • Provide the retailer with the above mentioned 3 things.
  • The retailer will do the transaction and will ask you to enter a pass code/secret code. Do not tell this code to anyone.
  • Upon the completion of the transaction you will be provided with a transaction ID and hard copy of the receipt.
  • Give retailer the money of transfer and pay the service charges according to transfer amount which you can find from the below chart.
  • If you have provided your mobile number (sender) and receiver’s mobile number then you both will receive transaction information SMS containing: transaction ID, amount and CINIC numbers.

Remember: Do not dispose the transaction receipt or delete the transaction SMS as it will be the only proof of your transaction. Also note that do not give your pass code to anyone.

Now all you have to do is to provide the receiving party the transaction ID and the pass code. After this your work is done.

Service Charges

telenor easy paisa

How To Receive Money Through EasyPaisa

If you want to collect your money which has been sent by someone to you through Easy Paisa, then follow the below steps for your collection of money:

Firstly, make sure you take the following things when you go to an easy paisa retailer shop:

  • Original valid CNIC of receiver along with 1 photocopy (mandatory).
  • Transaction ID – which you have received through SMS or which the sender has told you (mandatory).
  • Pass code – which the sender has told you.

If you possess the above-mentioned things then visit your any authorized easy paisa retailer shop and do the followings:

  • Provide the retailer your transaction ID.
  • Give the retailer your (receiver) original and valid CNIC and its photocopy.
  • Give the retailer the pass code which the sender has told you (mandatory).
  • Collect your money.

Remember: Expired and in valid CNIC will not be accepted for sending or receiving money through Easy Paisa services.

For giving you a more clear picture of the whole process, here’s a demo video which you can see:


How to Find an EasyPaisa Outlet:

Easy Paisa services are provided by any Telenor sales & service centre, Tameer Bank, Telenor franchise or any Easy Paisa Retailer shop. To know the complete list of Easy Paisa outlet, click this link.

Further Information:

  • You can only send/receive a maximum of Rs. 10,000 or 3 transactions per month.
  • Having a valid CNIC is the only thing which you need for sending and receiving money.
  • The sending/receiving process takes only seconds, so as soon as sending process is completed one can collect his/her money.
  • As per the State Bank of Pakistan directive, all the un-claimed amounts sent but not received will be given up to State Bank after 10 years.
  • If you want to report any fraudulent activity or about any un-authorized EasyPaisa agent then please call on toll free number 111-345-100 as soon as possible.

Helpline Number:

In case you ever forget your pass code or if you have any query then call on 345 from Telenor number or on 111-345-100 from any landline or non-Telenor number.

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