DoDear Portal – Complete Information About the Portal

DoDear Portal – Complete Information About the Portal

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So, people today we are going to educate you about the DoDear Portal. As you may all know that it is very easy to watch movies, TV shows and more from various torrent sites. One of such site’s is DoDear portal.

DoDear Portal – Complete Information About the Portal-(Description)

Sites like these also offer other content like games, software’s etc. As these sites provide pirated content so it is obvious that the administrators of these sites make their identities unknown.

What Was DoDear Portal?

So just like these sites one of the site was DoDear portal. This portal provided same pirated content just like any other torrent site such as online movies, TV shows, games, software, and other content and also provided torrent clients. This pirated content providing portal was run by a Karachi-based ISP called Connect Communications. Many other sites also gave their users this portal so that they could enjoy fast and easy entertainment access.

The users could download the content which was provided on the site free of cost. The Connect Communications were proud of their page as the portal was doing very well amongst the customers and the ISP showed self-importantly that their service was worth adding one on one’s homepage.

“Our Residential Broadband access gives you the ultimate high-speed Internet experience with download speeds up to 100Mbps. Download a full-length movie in under 10 minutes or take advantage of our DoDear services such as playing online games at Connect’s game arena or downloading movies and music.”

How Did the DoDear Portal Worked?

The portal was a user-friendly site! You could search and filter the content which you wanted easily from the categories provided. Such as games, shows, movies, software and the other content. It could easily be said that Connect Communications professionally did the work and designed the site very well.

Why Did the DoDear Portal Shutdown?

It was obvious that the site was providing pirated content. And sites like these do get shut downed by the authorities. Similarly, in Pakistan the government took strict action for intellectual property rights, hence the USTR downgraded the intellectual property right threat in Pakistan.

“Pakistan has taken significant steps to improve IPR protection and enforcement including establishing specialized IPR courts, establishing a timeline to draft and implement amendments to IPR laws, improving border enforcement procedures, undertaking public awareness programs on IPR protection, and committing to regular action-oriented engagement with the U.S. government and stakeholders. Thus, Pakistan is upgraded from the priority watch list to the watch list with an OCR to monitor ongoing progress.”

News About DoDear Portal Being Shut Downed

The first news about the portal being shut downed was published by Torrent Freak that- DoDear which was involved in providing pirated stuff has been shut downed. Later on, ProPakistani also announced the copyright breach by the Connect Communications. Connect Communications later acknowledged that they were providing the pirated contents. And the ISP removed all the links related to the portal completely.

As providing pirated content is a crime and punishable by law. The DoDear portal has now been shut downed.

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