How to Avail Zong Free 4g Unlimited Internet 2018 Trick

How to Avail Zong Free 4g Unlimited Internet 2018 Trick

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Zong Free Internet: Hey are you looking for Zong Free Internet trick? You are at the right place buddy, as here we will tell you how to avail Zong Free Internet by 2 methods whichever you find suitable to use. So scroll down and read all the other details.

How to Avail Zong Free Internet

Zong free internet

Hello and welcome packages! Any guesses for what today we will be telling you? Today on this article “How to Avail Zong Free Internet” we will be showing you a little trick through which you can avail Zong free internet! Yes, you read that right, Zong free internet trick. So, to know that method read all the content below and avail all the free internet you can.

But before we tell you about this free internet trick let us tell you a little bit about Zong’s success in Pakistan:

Zong’s History in Pakistan

Zong is one of the telecommunication network services provider working in the country of Pakistan was previously known for its operations by the name of Paktel company a telecommunication network service provider giving services and its working from the year 1991.

Paktel was taken over by the China mobile company and establish by the new name Zong since the 01 April 2008. Zong was the first cellular network service provider which was allowed a free license to do the business on the cellular network throughout Pakistan.

Since then this company has become vast tremendously and achieve many goals within the faster space of time. It is now the very popular brand in the buying and selling of the cellular sims which customers tend to buy every now and then and the retailer tends to sell it very frequently.

Zong has been offering many exciting packages to its customers in order to gain the strong business relationship with its customers and in order to retain its old customers and give strong attraction for the new public to become customers.

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Methods for Availing Zong Free Internet

We will be telling you 2 methods through which you can use Zong free internet. Here we will be using and telling about those sites which Zong offers as free use of internet including facebook.

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Zong Free Internet Trick Method 1

  1. Firstly, you have to download UC browser.
  2. Then open it, and go to its settings
  3. Open the access points option
  4. Then create a new access point
  5. Then enter this in APN section APN: zong internet
  6. Proxy:
  7. Port: 80
  8. Now go to UC Browser and start using Zong Free Internet and surf the internet.

Note: Only visit “HTTP websites” will open. “https websites” will not open and work.

Zong Free Internet Trick Method 2

  1. Firstly, you have to download & install UC browser (not UC mini).
  2. Then open UC Browser and click on the URL bar to enter the website address.
  3. In that URL bar write and click on the go button to continue.
  4. Then afterward you will be directed to the proxy website, from where you can visit any website from the kproxy website.

Zong free internet

So, guys, this was all about Zong Free Internet! Hope you liked it and will be subscribing it soon.

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